Once upon a time, our dog Carly use to eat the typical kibble you bought at the pet store. One day we took a deep dive into the ingredients list on the back and realized how many additives and fillers actually went into her food. Thus began the journey of finding her a healthier alternative. 

Stumbling upon the raw diet, we realized the amazing benefits she could be getting if we switched her food. But we soon realized this type of feeding was viewed as a luxury way of feeding. A healthy diet for your pet should not break the bank, so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Shortly after switching Carly to an all raw diet, we noticed some changes in her. This energetic dog somehow became more energetic! Everyone is amazed how well she keeps up with puppies. With her shiny coat and lean body would never guess she’s 11 years old!

After answering the “what do you feed her?” question multiple times, we decided to not only educate owners about the benefits of raw feeding but to provide an affordable solution.

We know how the raw food concept grosses people out because no one wants to touch it, but we came up with a simple solution. Open the container, put the food in the bowl, close the container, toss it in the trash, wash your hands and you’re done!