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  1. Mary L Lawrence says:

    Minnie is my pet. She is a 14-year-old 23-pound mixed bread. Minnie is a finicky eater. I wanted the best food for her, food without preservatives, and unnecessary ingredients, etc. but economically priced. Minnie has food allergies. I did not want a freeze-dried food, too expensive and not filling. Thus, I settled for a mixture of a canned food with limited ingredients along with the air-dried version. Due to her allergies her treats are human grade chicken or pork jerky. I noticed she seems to like her treats better than her food. The treats are raw food, so I did some research and found that raw is the best way. But how to transition? I searched and searched, low and behold I found Raw Dino. Raw Dino is fantastic. The transition meals are wonderful. Minnie eats every morsel. I ordered the smoked pig ears for her treats, she loves them. Most of her top teeth are gone, but she eats them up. She seems more satisfied. She sleeps better, overall, she is happier, more energetic. Best of all the food is affordable. I love Raw Dino. I recommend this food to all dog owners.

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